The turning point for completing an air craft's first flight is putting down the landing gear, cutting the engine, and preparing to land...

rather than choosing to see how far you can go before crashing)

A flight instrument check-list for “making the turn toward home”

Shifts in direction to achieve in the next four years

Objectives and Purposes


Making a right relationship and good home on earth

Metrics, Tools & Methods


1.Moral/Ethical Ideals

 25% progress

·   Rights of Mother Earth

·   Rights of individuals

·   Rights of cultures

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5.Environmental Integrity

 25% progress

·   Spread bioregional regeneration

·   Stop using solutions that create more problems

3.Social Justice

 25% progress

·   Women and Youth empowerment

4.Institutional Change

 25% progress

·   Restore natural meaning of ‘fiduciary duty’


2.Spiritual & Mental Awakening

25% progress

·   Acknowledging our independent physical and mental realities

·   Be fearless in discovering hidden realities


The Dashboard

6.Economic Concepts

 25% progress

·   Become a responsive partner with nature

·   End growing size to keep growing relationships

·   Include physical risks and rebounds in prices.


7.Observing Natural Change

25% progress

·   Natural Development & turning points

·   Measures of change

·   Awareness of how conflict develops

How it works

Select an area to go to it’s “bucket” of Key Objectives, Methods & Metrics, and consider how the objective and the turning point indicator fit in your plans.  - Follow the links to find resources and discussion.  - Contribute your “rain drops” to fill them or Contact the authors maintaining each area as suggested.     The front page indicators are arrived at by consensus from the active leaders of the member organization network.

8.Partner & teamwork methods

25% progress

·   Collaborative Partnerships

·   Meshwork, Action Learning

·   Paradigm shift strategy 



Draft by p.henshaw 6/17/10