Bucket 6 - Economic Concepts

Shifts in direction to achieve in the next four years

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Switch goal of endless growth to becoming part of nature, so whole economy can become responsive to the real world and not just money

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6/18/10  -  #6.1  -  p.henshaw

b) achievable

Show that “peak impacts” is the same as “peak money” and start the whole rethinking of money

c) unachievable

Changing all the institutions of money that need to

d) Indicator used

Emergence discussion of direct tie between money choices and physical acts to serve them

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e) 4YG goal

Shift in discussion from costs of not growing to costs of not responding to limits

f) Strategy

g) Insight


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1.       I have an organization that could track this in the media, would that help?  - Absolutely !  Discussion Page

2.       Please clarify methods for discovering how the environment will respond, when it hasn’t yet?  Discussion Page


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