Bucket 5 - Environmental Integrity

Shifts in direction to achieve in the next four years

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Integrity of Policy Goals - Be fearless in discovering hidden realities and unexpected rebound effect risks



a) ID & contact

6/18/10  -  #5.1  -  p.henshaw

b) achievable

Move away from correcting the impacts of past growth, by stimulating future growth.  Discover why natural systems behave unlike theories.

c) unachievable

Ever fully understanding the partnerships with nature one needs to enter into.

d) Indicator used

media discussion of "sustainability policy mistakes"

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e) 4YG goal

20 mentions a month of "sustainability policy mistakes" in the NY Times

f) Strategy

Work toward using a method of total environmental assessment (TEA) for locating the working organizational units of your environment and estimate the direct and rebound effects, on economic, resource, population, cultural

g) Insight

begin studying the organizational unite of the environment and their likely responses, starting with  simple narrative methods and global resource use indicators like  ~6000btu/$ global energy cost.


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= 6/18/10 estimate of progress

6/19/10 - search NYT for "sustainability policy mistakes" and "sustainability policy errors" and found 4 unique entries in 6 months. = .66/mo


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