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jlh HDS systems design science  6/1/09

(for Timeline Diagrams of Natural System Causal Processes see chapters.htm)

Spatial Models of Natural System Causal Processes


Energy Stocks & Flows  - Odum

Control Circuit Diagram

Market Choices & Exchange Flows - pfh

1. Interacting variable Models - Dynamic & Cybernetic System Relationships


Developmental Network Evolution - pfh

Scale Free Network - Barabasi

Hubs and Hives - pfh

2. Networks - Planes of Relationships


Individual and Environment


Nesting Individuals as  Environments

3. Animate Throughput Organism Cells - Complex/Torroidal relationship environments


Expanding/Contracting - Options/Selection Tree                                 Preceding/Following - Opportunity/Effect Tree

4. History/Causation Maps


Learning Process Management - HCCA

Environmental Planning -  After Osborn

 Environment Assessment Table

5. Relationship Management & Boundary Relationships


Images as Reference to Things - pfh

Natural/Formal Systems Diagram - Rosen

Evolution Physical to Spiritual - Kazlev

6. Mental/Physical System Reality Maps


  Complex System  (to develop)    
1a Eco System/Odum Examples Uses Key Observations
1b Scale Free/Barabasi      
1c Natural Economy/pfh      

The (simple) whole story of money, growth and nature

1c Market Loops/pfh      

Linking Economics & Natural System Physics

1d Contro. Circuit      
2 Chains of events      
3a Throughput Organism      
  Models Learning Change    
3b tree/torus      
4a Eviron/Niche      
4b Host/User      
5a Perception-pfh      
3 Encoding/Decoding-Rosen