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Nature fills the Gaps, and is what completes our circles... or nothing does.   Natural systems work by connecting everything's leftovers, using them as opportunities for other things that explore what they can do with their environments.   Otherwise, like machines, systems are lifeless and don't take care of themselves.    Enlarging our circles without acknowledging the new gaps something needs to take care of, leaves nothing to fill the gaps, stretching our connections beyond the limits of nature.


Nature fills the Gaps

An image of the mind as a wild garden, with each new awareness growing in a deep soil of spirit, wisdom, mime, image, wit, purpose, love, dream, passion, feeling, hope, thought, need, voice and belief, along with all the other dimensions of consciousness you nourish.    We create and enrich them as leftovers from constantly exploring this curious wilderness we wake up in every day.

This card is reprinted from my self-published 1979 book An Unhidden Pattern of Events on which the rest of my work on natural systems was based.   Signed ~8x10 art prints are available.

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The little Medieval farmer whose donkey is hesitating, also hesitates about the wisdom of taking the next step down what seems like a steep slope toward nature's compost heap.  For generations we've acted a if investing in increasing our investments in using up the earth.  Is the ride it gives a limitless free lunch, or lead to running out of opportunities rather abruptly?

Reprinted from my self-published 1979 book An Unhidden Pattern of Events, a closing illustration "The Infinite Society" essay.   8x10 size reprints are available as signed art prints. 

Unhidden Path


The question is why do we perceive the inventions of our mind as located in the world, and whether their simplicity hides something wonderful in our nature and in the nature of the things around us that we are simply missing.

From my 1985 presentation of "Directed Opportunity Directed Impetus" to SGSR, showing my version of the relation between information in our minds and the systems of the physical world.   Asking what fills the distinctive holes in our image of reality?   Ask for Horizontal or Vertical.  

Image in Mind


What is most often omitted from the study of networks and connections, is where the magic comes from, always from the hives of locally connected communities, like the city as a node in a transportation network, or an atom as a dense hive of particle inter actions so rapid and minute they have never been seen.

This card is an image of how it's the hives within the hubs of networks are the source of their vitality, first given out as business cards at the NY Hall of Science screening for the film Linked, 2/5/09.   8x10 size reprints are available as signed art prints.   

Message from the Hives




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