The 'Classic Shape' of Gamma Ray Bursts...
         seems to indicate an echo of cosmic implosions.........

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The first graph shows the generalized dynamic shape of the first of  three bursts in Batse Trigger 551.    Much the same shape is visible in most other simply shaped GRB's (see, consisting of a sharp attack and then lingering decay.   The asymmetry of attack and decay in gamma bursts is not as dramatic as that resulting from the local atmospheric collapse after lightning that produces the sound of thunder, but perhaps represents essentially the same thing, the characteristic clap and reverberation of surrounding material colliding with itself following the implosion of black holes.

By experiment with joining simple curves to form the classic shape of GRB's (second graph) the best fit to the form of both the "backwards wave" overall shape and the downward swoop of the derivative seemed to essentially omit any period of asymptotic climax.   If any of this seems worth repeating, I ask that you to give appropriate attribution.  If you need clarifications drop me a line.

PF Henshaw  5/31//99

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