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( edit 9/00) This year I took a break from research, being exhausted, and having accomplished quite a lot.    Not having the help I want, I started learning how to talk about my strange backwards world on the usenet newsgroup sci.physics.

There's much to say about the strange people and perhaps 'strange attractors' that the conversation on sci.physics revolves around.   There are basically four groups of respondents.  There are malcontents of widely varying intelect and integrity, students looking for help, working physicists sharing their knowledge and debating, and serious intellectuals like me experimenting with ideas.

These are all broken...  ...Google is 'fixing it',  but I don't know if that'll be any time soon...

Feb 2000 - So, does nature really follow rules ?
Feb 2000 - Very strange convection
Feb 2000 - Flow Logic...?
Mar 2000 - Polynomial fitting to noisy data
Apr  2000 - Differentiation and integration in Science
Apr 2000 - Paradoxes in physics
Apr 2000 - Photon = wave or particle
May 2000 - Size of a photon?
June 2000 - Light Speed Broken in US, UK Paper Reports
July 2000 - Philosophers?
Aug 2000 - What makes nature eventful?
Aug 2000 - Physics looks at nature backwards
Aug 2000 - Is evolution deterministic?
Jan  2001 - nature and machine...

PF Henshaw, 2000

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