Use the dark..... to find  glimmers of light

Finding things that connect, the way nature does it, is like searching a vast empty wilderness of mismatched things, always ready to find the right little glimmer of possibility for things that might actually add up, to then play with different ways to find that perfect fit.  The tendency is for new glimmers connection to come in bunches, that an approach of "wandering in the dark" helps you see .    That's a bit like how men go shopping at the hardware store, knowing 'the job' and wandering around searching for something to turn the job into a 'task'.    It's also how a woman goes clothes shopping at a big thrift store.  

She can look at rack upon rack of different styles and sizes, which put together give no impression at all of what is to be found, but a jumble.   Each and every item is so unlike the last that she has to completely rethink what she is shopping for.   The task is much more than just trying on each garment in her mind.   It's also inventing and trying on a whole different style and way of dressing too.   It's laborious, tedious, mostly pointless, and exhausting.   Each item throws you back into darkness, each one another chance for light.   Occasionally it opens up a whole new way of thinking about how you feel, the meaning of the day, and something lovely to wear.